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Greece - Holidays to Santorini - Places to visit in Santorini -Travel Advice

Santorini, the most beautiful island in Greece and a true paradise in white and blue. Santorini is an island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, located 200 km from Athens. Must go on holidays to Santorin and has a many places  to visit in Santorini. Can arrive by plane in less than an hour from Athens, but the mode of transport most used and favorite is the boat.

The island is invaded by daily cruises that drop their passengers on ships and boats unable to dock vessels in the ports of the island The Island is unique and completely different from all the Greek islands but could not escape the ultra urbanization. Housing is very expensive, but paradise is priceless.

The capital is the town of Thira and its main port is Acinios (Athinios) quite out of Thira. There are many Orthodox churches in this small territory, the guide told us that families built their own church, explaining because there are so many places of worship. The roads are narrow and winding, a real danger and an adventure I do not recommend to heart. The rise of the harbor to the island is traumatic but the views are unparalleled, and are highly valued for the driver.

The sunken caldera of the volcano separates the main island Fira crescent-shaped with the other 4 beautiful islands (Thirassia is inhabited only as Fira). Today is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe and has a night (not as exaggerated as their neighbor Mykonos).

Weather in Santorini - The Island’s weather is perfect for tourists with very hot and sunny, but very dry and arid, creating the problem of water supply. Its soil is mostly volcanic and the landscape is wild, but very favorable for grapes and wine. It has many volcanic beaches all to enjoy, and hot springs. We also find many houses originally dug by the inhabitants.

Views of the caldera from Fira - Tips - If you are only one day dedicate everything to Oia, which is really a paradise and you can buy very nice gifts. In Fira better walk down the stairs instead of waiting for the endless queue of the funicular, although at first it is overwhelming.

Oia - Santorini - is for me the most beautiful Santorini, a quiet town nestled in a cliff overlooking unique.
Time seems to have stopped and in this wonderful town where you can enjoy the sunset and the most beautiful sunset in the world.

Walking through its streets are a maze where we lose our joy, we can admire the stately homes and palaces of white with blue roofs on a precipice, or their churches. You can find many jewelry artisan shops, typical gifts such as bracelets, dolls, paintings whose prices are more attractive than Fira.

It also has bars and restaurants with terraces where a drink, not without first looking at the prices (avoid surprises).

Fira - Santorini - is on the edge of a precipice. It has more terraces, its houses and narrow streets. We visit the two Cathedrals, the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral and the Catholic Cathedral. Access from its port can be by cable car or on foot. The descent advises walking and avoids the trauma of the poor animals.

On the island in addition to its two main villages, we visit the archaeological routes with their deposits. There are many archaeological remains found under volcanic ash, or from the port of Fira access the other islands by boat, to Nea Kameni with hot water, to Palea Kameni and volcanic stone beach, the beautiful neighboring Thirassia copy Santorini's most authentic and surprising island of Aspro.

Where to eat? - You can eat on the terraces of the restaurants in Oia and Fira and enjoy the views. But Oia is quieter and more economical choice than Fira. Also in Armeni are typical fish taverns.

On the local cuisine to comment on what little I know. Obviously we can enjoy seafood of course. Autochthonous wine also divided into two categories, white and Vinsanto (sweet wine). Widened be stressing the Octopus, the Greek salad, tzatziki, the taramosalata but I fall short. And with coffee frappe take a Ouzo, the traditional Greek liquor.

I could write endlessly about my experience in Santorini and how beautiful it is, but I run out of words to describe something indescribable. You need to experience and I assure you will think only to return and share this sense of well being.

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