Indonesian Derawan Islands, the dream of every traveler looking for an unfamiliar tourist destination

The dream of every traveers is to find a perfect destination somewhere off the track. There is no doubt that any tourist can find in  Derawan Islands what he wanted to find and what the desired in , which form together a group of islands located in the province of East Kalimantan in Indonesia in the Sulawesi Sea off the east coast of Kalimantan.
Although the Derawan Islands are well known, but it is difficult to access, but with attainable and your presence there, will remain Alazemk that feeling as if they had found a new discovery. And may have traveled to hundreds of places all over the world, but there is no other place in the splendor and beauty of Derawan Islands, in this picturesque charming islands, lives a small community of people in a small and very clean village accustomed to its members welcome travelers with open arms.

After waking up in a room and you see the sun which shines from the little house in which she lives with the rest of the travelers from around the world balcony, you can jump in the tranquil turquoise waters, which are more like a crystal in cleanliness to increase your enjoyment and you see many turtles as you can after so to enjoy a premium of rest and relaxation over the coral-colored magnificent rare.

After that, you can lie on the beach and listen to the voice of the palm trees that move by the wind. If boredom began to seep into yourself, the wait-and-see for a moment the sunset unusual liable to dispel thoughts and worries, especially as you listen to the voice of the ears dinner out of the mosque not far from you.

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