The Caribbean: a destination to avoid this year

Despite it's beautyful nature and its multiple ways of entertaining , it is advisable to not travel to the Caribbean Sea this year because of the spread of a dangerous virus called "chikungunya" which is spread by mosquitoes and causes fever, excruciating and pain in the joints.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported that the symptoms of the disease extends to other muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue, rashes, where a patient was not barely able to walk or use his hands.

Experiencing hospitals and clinics across the Caribbean thousands of people with the same symptoms, victims of a virus with a long and unfamiliar name, which quickly spread by mosquitoes across the islands having been the first case of locally transmitted in December last year confirmed.

The authorities are trying to control mosquitoes in all parts of the Caribbean, from the dense urban neighborhoods to the beach resorts.

Although the spread of the disease in some Latin American countries, however, and so far, is the Dominican Republic is the country's most affected by the virus, as recorded half of all cases of infection in the Americas.

According to the Organization of the Pan American Health, Chikungunya has spread to 24 cities and place at least in the Western Hemisphere since the first case of his recorded in the island of St. Maarten French in late 2013. The experts believe that the number of passengers rising to the region means the possibility of increasing the number of people in the early this summer.

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