Egypt Tour - Interesting Places To Visit – Travel Advice

Egypt Tours - Places to Visit – Travel Advice

Egypt Tourism is becoming increasingly fashionable. The Nile is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. Visiting temples, tombs, pyramids, is the dream of thousands of tourists.

However, the idea of traveling on your own is an option that few people might be thinking, the best way to discover a country, its culture, its people.

Where to go?
The pyramid of Giza - was built around 2600 a. C. to house the mummified bodies of Egyptian pharaohs. The largest of these is composed of over two million blocks of stone and it took 100,000 men and more than 20 years to finish. The pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The pyramid of Giza - Its dimensions are impressive: 146.59 m, 230 m wide. Following up a bit by his side, penetrate its interior. A fluctuating torchlight we discover the walls, perfectly smooth, as befits the burial of an incarnation of the god Ra. After depositing the sarcophagus in the burial chamber, the runner will be blinded and concealed, to prevent theft. The pyramid contains a more false burial chamber.

Elephantine Island - where you can see the remains of temples and Satet deJnum and his son and a Nilometer Anukis, system for measuring the flooding of the Nile River

Cairo - This city is said, like many others that never sleeps. Contrary to what many think, the biggest risk in Cairo is not being robbed or mugged you ... It's across the street! For all first time visitors are done is quite an adventure.

In the downtown area do not miss the Citadel, Coptic neighborhood (where admission is free to all churches and synagogues) the numerous mosques, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and the tourist market of Khan el-Khalili ... It is also recommended visit Dahshur, Memphis and Saqkkara. Of course do not miss the pyramids!

Temple of Karnak - A huge temple inside which we can find the famous giant beetle to be given 10 laps I remember ... as they say is good luck ... I find myself attracted much attention within the temple a huge bar ... your taking yourself a Coke in a bar that attaches to a stone engraved with a zillion years ago ... That only happens in Egypt gentlemen ...

Valley of the Kings -The visit to the famous Valley of the Kings have the option to visit three tombs of your choice, some are really deep (claustrofobia. ..) but most can be visited without stress ... They're beautiful! with paintings and engravings all over the walls ... Tutankhamun is the only one with a special price and according to our guide is not worth it because it was a pharaoh who pass unnoticed and his grave is the most simplistic and small ... his fame came later when they found him in his day the tomb full of treasures (that are not there but in the Cairo Museum).

Colossi of Memnon -People say you hear "music" when the air passes through them

Hatsetsup Temple - Just above his tomb in the Valley of the Kings (the temple is on the other side of the hill). We did not visit the inside ... I fail to understand why ... I was eager, but as much as I could see was this.

Temple of Medinet Habu - Famous for its wide columns filled with engravings very well preserved.

Temple of Edfu and Kom Ombo - I do not keep very good memories of this temple, not because he lacked beauty but because it was crowded, in fact decide to step out without seeing the whole immense burden we entered ... Within it you can see the sacred boat

Aswan- This city is a bit less touristy, has less monuments to visit and everyone is a little farther from each other, so go visit them without uin organized tour, considering that you have to negotiate the prices of transportation, etc.. . Can sometimes be even more expensive.

If you decide to do it anyway, do not miss the granite quarry, the New Nubian Museum, Tombs of the Nobles, or File Islands, New Kalabsha, of Sehel, Elephantine and Botanical Gardens.

Remember that bargaining is essential, and a bargaining is always ends better!
Always leave a tip, for all, 3 to 5 pounds. If you really want to tip because you want to really reward a guide or driver for a job well done, you can leave 5 to 10

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