Thailand - Phuket - Places To Visit In Phuket - Travel Advice

Thailand - Phuket - Things To Do In Phuket - Travel Advice

Rain or not, the south of Thailand is the heavenly setting that all who come to this country want to discover.
Phuket after Bangkok, the second most visited area in the country. It is bordered on the south by the Malaysian border, east to the Gulf of Thailand and west by the Andaman Sea. You can see spectacular landscapes that emulate paradise.

A few years ago, Phuket was the key target all Westerners and Thais who wanted to enjoy a few days in its crystalline waters and lush forests, causing a significant increase in all services it could offer.
Today, this island has to amusement parks for children. It is a good place for families who want to have everything at hand without too many complications.. As a result, the price of accommodation and restaurants is higher and some beaches are no longer solitary.

A couple of hours by boat from Phuket are the Phi Phi Island composed of Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh, is smaller than the last. Has an area of 6.6 km2 however, is not allowed real estate speculation which has favored the preservation of its natural wealth. The caves occur throughout the island and look ancient paintings of elephants as a trace of the passage of the pirates, but the most spectacular is the Viking Cave to the Northwest.

Ko Phi Phi Don is a magnet for young travelers who come to the meridian of Thailand. With a particular shape and abundant vegetation, anyone can step on this island paradise dream.

One activity was to visit the cave of the diamond, it is a hollow island, which is accessed by browsing through a cave and within which there is a small swamp. All very beautiful and evocative, even if there were no tourists (just me, hehe), it would be a perfect place to get lost in reverie. Indeed, did not I think the best idea to take fardahuevos instead of shorts ... if when you do not have many lights, as there is nothing to do!

After this cave, we went to visit another island hollow, except that it had no mangroves in the interior, but a large marine lagoon.

Next stop a rock island with a famous pseudoflotante where they filmed scenes from the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. Leads you to various sites around the island and reach some vantage points from which to observe the visual spectacle of sea, greenery and sun. I could not suppress my instinct former swimmer and I ended up swimming to the base of the rock ...

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