Travel Tips For Travelling With Kids - Travel Advice

Travel Tips For Travelling With Kids - Travel Advice

These holidays can be for many the moment to make the trip of your dreams, and travel to Europe, Africa or other places of dreams. No doubt, you can see the dream tarnished if you don’t pay attention to some details that can cause serious complications when leaving a country and enter another country.

Flights within Europe are not very strict that, you cannot take liquids of any kind, no water, and no soda cans from outside the gate area.

All electronics must be out of hand luggage, such as cell phones and personal computers, as they must pass through the scanner separately.

If traveling with kids, bring birth certificate. If traveling with both parents, no problem, if traveling with only one must carry a travel authorization that is validated by a notary public, otherwise you may not leave the country. If the child is enrolled only in the name of the mother, the birth certificate must be current and have a less than 6 months old.

During December some of us have been fortunate to have some time off to enjoy a short break with family in anticipation of the coveted Christmas holidays. It is in these times when there was some difficulty of traveling with children. So good planning is important before and has everything well thought out before you leave home so that both the displacement, as the stay and return, do not turn into a nightmare.

Here are some tricks for you to consider and contemplate the next 's escapades with your kids.

- For the transport or travel must minimize the luggage, but you cannot forget diapers, water, cookies and toys.

- If you are traveling with you remember to take a seat that fits your body if you will use a means of transport other than the standard car, otherwise it tries to give the greatest possible care in your arms. If this is your case, try to find destinations quiet or low noise. Pediatricians and educators recommend destinations that provide a great visual impact to your little companion.

- When traveling with kids, to avoid health problems, it is worth avoiding very noticeable climate change about your home environment.

- Gives the utmost importance to the destination. If children are bored is almost impossible to enjoy a family experience. Remember that the key to all this is to remove children from their common environment, if you live in a city is not good to take a similar place, so it can choose to places of natural beauty and monuments of great visual impact (remember that every child all her attention to the naked eye).

- If you choose to inform yourself before nature if the destinations are outdoor activities designed for children or at least alternative workshops for them to enjoy it as much as you do when you practice climbing and rafting, for example. If you are skiing is preferable that notes a course or having a certain level. That way you can enjoy a couple of hours to venture through the tracks that require a higher level or effort or are barred to children.

- If instead you choose to explore any large capital or urban cultural destination, keep in mind that the means of transportation you employ at the destination is able to accommodate your little ones safely. In this case it is best to choose urban destinations where the pedestrian is the protagonist. Cities and tourist destinations like Venice, Paris, Edinburgh, Bruges, Amsterdam, Brussels, Salamanca and Toledo, in Europe, have large areas and pedestrian walkways to enjoy long walks forgetting the traffic. You can even rent bicycles to tour the cities.

As a rule the cities or large cities outside of Europe are not developed, from the planning point of view, to be enjoyed by pedestrians. Keep this in mind.

- Both in the field and in the city, it is important to plan short and undemanding routes so as not to tire the children. Remember, though overflowing vitality and often you run out, his strength and endurance are more limited than yours.

- An ideal choice for family getaways are recreational parks, both international and domestic, kind Disneyland Paris, Port Aventura, Selwo Aventura, Naturlandia, Sea World, Legoland, the Kennedy Space Center, Beto Carrero World, The Children's Republic or Fantasilandia , among many others, destined to entertain both adults and children and who have specific and themed accommodations, what complications to look for accommodation now.

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