Niagara - Niagara Falls Tour - Travel Advice

Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls Tour - Travel Advice

Where is Niagara Falls? The 56 miles of the Niagara River forming the border of the United States and Canada, The River is wide and navigable, then suddenly changes into a series of rapids, a waterfall 800 meters from the river becomes a stormy stream, these rapid form the beginning of the fall of the waters towards the waterfalls.

Niagara Falls actually consists of three waterfalls: The "Canadian Falls" (Ontario), the "American Falls" (New York) and "Bridal Veil Falls."

On the Canadian side, the water falls from a height of 49 meters and 792 meters in length forming a large horseshoe. Next to the falls there are several walks from where you can see the waterfall.

The American Falls is divided by two waterfalls, waterfall Rainbow and Bridal Veil, separated by Luna Island, with a peak of 322 meters and its fall is 51 meters. The rock fragments accumulated at the base of the falls, filled a pool whose depth could have been equal to the height of the falls. The depth of the river increases considerably as its course away from these fragments of rock.

Besides its beauty and spectacular Niagara Falls is very useful for hydropower, and promote tourism in the area. Mainly in two cities: Niagara Falls (New York) and Niagara Falls (Ontario)

Niagara Falls Attractions - Two of the best spots to see the falls from Canada are Queen Victoria Park and the Konica Minolta Tower.

Niagara Parkway – it is located at 2.5 km from the falls, I took the car for my first look at the Canadian zone. Driving along the Niagara Parkway, a beautiful tree-lined avenue that leads to the waterfall started looking for parking. It is frankly difficult to park on the streets of the town because of the many cars and almost all are also charging zones.

In the parallel road up a steep slope is the Falls view Casino Resort where you can leave your car as long as you want for $ 5 whether you're a guest or go or not to play casino.

It is about 500 meters from the waterfall and except that slope "Mortirolo" about 150 meters I think the best option unless you have limited mobility.

Dine, I saw the fireworks and decided to explore the town. There are two distinct entertainment areas, which is in front of the waterfall that has casinos, nightclubs and restaurants and a 1 kilometer (compared to the Rainbow Bridge) with Noria, restaurants, many shops and restaurants. Walked two, I played a little blackjack, and took a drink at a club whose name I forget.

Niagara on the Lake - Niagara on the Lake is a village about 20 km on the shore of Lake Ontario. The village itself does not stand for anything special but it has magnificent views and the buildings are quite nice, but I recommend it mainly because the way there runs between vineyards and fabulous homes.

Skylon Tower - I went back directly to the Skylon Tower. Personally I think from there you take the best pictures of the falls. Another way to see the falls is from the 156 m. Skylon Tower. Completed in 1965, the structure rises 236 m. above the choppy waters of the Niagara Gorge. Three high speed elevators take visitors to the top of the dome of the tower in just 52 seconds, where, on a clear day, visitors can see the fall area and large areas of Canada and the United States.

The Goat Island on the brink of the falls divides the river and falls into two sections, the U.S. and Canada. From the hotel we stayed, the panorama of the falls was beautiful.

Walking through Victoria Park is where you have the best views of the falls. Extension is a rock near the waterfall that allows observation and the best views of the Horseshoe Falls and American Falls.
Below the viewpoint of the dome there are two revolving restaurants Skylon.

The tourists who are adventurous may choose to ride the Spanish Aero Car, which offers a breathtaking aerial view of the Whirlpool Rapids, the cable car crosses above the turbulent waters of the river.

In the Niagara Botanical Gardens is the Butterfly Conservatory. Greenhouse Park has floral arrangements, plant collections from around the world and a pool of free-flying birds inside the greenhouse.

Niagara Falls is a great source of hydropower. In 1881 the first generator was installed hydroelectric river. The power of the falls is breathtaking, but is also useful.

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