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What to look out for when you buy Travel Insurance? - Travel Advice

Do not forget to hire a travel insurance that includes medical coverage. They are inexpensive, often are provided with the ticket itself and avoid a big scare in the case of any accident no matter how small. All medical services in the U.S. are expensive if insurance is not available then, what starts as a journey of joy may end in a serious economic upset by a banality.

When looking for travel insurance please note the following items.

1. Medical assistance: One of the main points in the travel insurance is to protect your health. Hire sufficient medical coverage depending on your destination. In the U.S. and Asia the coverage should be much higher than in Europe due to the high costs involved in medicine.

2. Repatriation: In case of death or serious accident, it is important that coverage of repatriation does not have any economic or geographical limit and can be accompanied by a family without any additional cost.

3. Conditions of policy: It is also very important to read the fine print to see if certain conditions or illnesses are excluded from insurance if an accident or mishap occurs.

4. Overbooking: It's amazing to happen but unfortunately ... happens. The overselling of tickets is very common and can cause you great expense. Coverage for overbooking is recommended to be high.

5. Theft or loss of baggage: This is the most frequent coverage regarding claims. Theft or loss of baggage and documentation must be sufficiently covered by the guarantee of your travel insurance policy because this incidence is a major problem and a nuisance when you're far away from their habitual residence.

6. Telephone Support 24 hours: It is very important that the insurance company will provide a phone customer support 24 hours a day, with local numbers or collect calls, every day of the year, to address questions or claims. This number must also be available to coordinate cases and if possible by the medical infrastructure of the place, give you attention in the country where you are.

7. Stay at hotel for delays: In case of delayed transportation or inability to travel by adverse weather conditions, insurance should cover the duration of the stay at the hotel, at least five days.

8. Liability: Increasingly incorporate travel insurance liability costs, the contractors for your home?, Why not do it for your trip abroad, have liability coverage that can be useful abroad if you suffer a incident or accident involving personal injury to third parties.

9. Hazardous Sports: If you travel during your activities or extreme sports, ask us about insurance with specific coverage. Aseguratuviaje.es offers all insurance plans for all of Spain in relation to sports.

10. Trip Cancellation Coverage: All insurance companies offer plans which include cancellation fees if you encounter a customer that prevents unexpected start your journey.

11. Having to cancel your trip is very common duty to pay a penalty for the cancellation, which can be one hundred percent of the reservation. It is especially useful to know your insurance details for trip cancellation coverage.

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