Travel Advice - Travel Tips for South Africa Visit

Travel Tips for South Africa - Travel Advice 

Crime and danger can frighten tourists thinking of visiting South Africa, but should not be an impediment to seeing the many wonders that this country offers. Taking precautionary measures should not be any problem seeing in this country. These are the few things you should take care, if you travel to any major city in the world like New York, Paris, London, Delhi, Mumbai.........

Travel Safety Tips -
The Cape Town is like any metropolitan area in the world, so it better -

- Never leave your luggage unattended or leave it

- Do not let the cameras view.

- Use safes in hotels and leave all your belongings and valuables inside.

- Always make sure the hotel room is secure.

- Do not venture into the street at night you alone, and avoid as far as possible walk in isolated areas.

- Always lock your car keys and keep the windows closed (though it's hot)

- Do not wear valuables (jewelry, expensive clothes ...)

- Do not carry much money while exploring the city.

- If you go to a restaurant, women are advised to leave the bag from the back of the chair and the same.

- Men are encouraged to put their wallets in their pants front pockets, never in the rear, where they can be more easily accessible for "pickpockets"

- Do not trust if someone asks for help or start screaming, run away all you can, you can be a trap

If you plan to tour South Africa by car, it is recommend that you make your reservation in advance because  packages that include a fuel tank, additional driver fee and a GPS (Quite important for South Africa).

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