Trip To Argentina - Travel Advice Tips

Tips for travel to Argentina - Travel Advice

Argentina, a country that certainly has thousands of attractions for all tastes and all the tourists around the world who are enchanted by its landscape, its festivals, food and folklore, its variety of climates, its tourism adventure, ecotourism and because it is a place that offers it all.

If your thinking to choose Argentina as your next touring spot. It is worth to visit Argentina, bear in mind some basic tips to make your trip completely enjoyable.

1. Previous research instead of going to visit Argentina since the country has a diversity of climates and is important to know what kind of clothes you wear. Argentina has seasons. However, the south is always cold.

2. If you come from America or from Europe do not need any type of visa, you can enter the country with your passport valid for at least 6 months and entitled to a minimum stay of 90 days.

3. If you come from a country with endemic diseases such as yellow fever and cholera, it is important to travel with a vaccination certificate.

4. Buenos Aires, Mendoza Wine Route, ecotourism and nature in the Iguazu Falls and landscape and nature Perito Moreno Glacier. For these destinations is important to bring comfortable clothing and be aware that as a country so big, it would take days to travel around the country, so it is recommended to do a some home work where and all to visit before travelling.

5. Argentina uses the peso, however, recommended to travel with dollars. You can also use credit cards, however, will charge a 10 or 20% more for the purchase and the provinces are recommended pesos.

6. If your trip is long, it is recommend carrying a suitcase comfortable and lightweight, but if your trip is short and focuses more on adventure travel around the country, it is recommended that you carry a backpack.

7. Electricity in Argentina is 220 volts, so recommend you to bring an adapter for your electronics.

8. Use only bottled water for drinking in Argentina and avoid eating vegetables and unpeeled fruit. It is recommended to wash well before eating.

9. If you have a any kind of medication it is important to carry a medical certificate or contact the Embassy of Argentina in your country, so you can enter it without problems.

10. For the months of December to March is summer in Argentina, so it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, cotton slippers and shoes, as the temperature exceeds 30 degrees and from June to September is winter, so warm clothing is suggested, wool coats, coats and boots.

11. Argentina is one of the favorite places for shopping, in fact the Airport Duty Free Buenos Aires is one of the cheapest in Latin America. For purchases in the country are recommended crafts, basketry, pottery, among others in the area of ??the Coast, Iguazu Falls, semi-precious stones are available at low cost. In Santiago de Estero tapestries and carpets, in Tucumán instruments and pieces of wood, in Catamarca Argentina's national stone is the Rose of the Inca, his gold in Cafayate, the best wines in San Juan, La Rioja and Mendoza, and in Patagonia classic chocolates, sweets Argentine Mapuche handicrafts.

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