Travel Advice - Places To Visit In Langkawi Island

The Most Beautiful Place To Visit In Malaysia Is Langkawi Islands

Langkawi Islands - a group of 104 islands situated off the north-west coast of Malaysia, near the border with Thailand, and known as a major resort area. Features of the origin and geology of islands here have formed a unique natural complexes and caves, glorified the island.

The most interesting waterfall Telaga-Tudzhuh ("Seven wells") in the north-west of the island Langkawi - his seven streams form a seven beautiful lakes, hot lake Telaga-Air-Panas and waterfall-Perangin Durian in the center of the island, the cave of Gua-painted on a Charity walls in an unknown language, Lake Dayang Pulau Bunting, on the same island, the waters around it have (according to legend), healing power, place of worship for the locals - the mausoleum of Mahsuri, a natural reserve of Pulau Besar, Singapore, on the same island, and many more, not less interesting places.

The largest aquarium in Asia - "Underwater World Langkawi," located in Pantai Cenang, and contains more than five thousand species of marine and freshwater creatures, as well as beautiful "Garden of parrots." Crocodile Farm in the town-Kubango Badak lets you see more than one thousand different species of crocodiles in their natural environment. On the island of Singapore Besar is a nature reserve, inhabited by more than 90 different species of birds and animals. On the islands many sandy beaches where the sea near the coast clear, shallow and calm. The most interesting area of ??the Black Sendz, where the sand is really a very dark color, the island Wet-Rice with clean sand, the island Payar and almost all the coast of Langkawi. And given the fact that the islands are duty-free trade zone, a trip here is especially attractive.

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