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Tips for travelling to the U.S. - Better safe than sorry! - Travel Advice

Before travelling to USA, it is better to know the following travel tips and things to consider.

Documentation – Passport, Authorization to enter U.S., International Driving Permit

Travel Insurance - It is highly recommended to take out travel insurance that includes health coverage and that the U.S. is a country where health care is too costly.

Medicine - Anyone who takes medication daily, and therefore must travel with a considerable amount of drugs above, you should know that in addition to carry all necessary medication for the trip, as well as some reserve, it would be accompanied by a report physician describing the patient's illness, as well as a list of every drug that carries with it, since entering the country may ask us to open the bags, allowing us to justify the amount and avoid problems.

Additionally, if the case is very particular, should accompany the official translation by the embassy or consulate. And of course, take the medication as hand luggage.

It is also convenient to take aspirin or flu. Not that there do not exist or are very expensive but, we avoid wasting time looking for something similar, or even encounter communication problems.

Money and cards - My recommendation is to take two credit cards. If possible bank or savings differ. If a bank or have problems with fraud, there would still be available another card.

Ask at your bank or credit for the service of notice to the phone every time you charge the credit card. This can prevent a surprise move us and see what we have paid is exactly what we have said.

Some shops also accept debit cards as well. They will be used to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Communication - Being so far from home safely call at least a couple of times to a family. Calls from the U.S. are very expensive, so it is recommended to enable Roaming service. But, there's always use prepaid phone cards.

Also you must check that the destination country there is compatibility with our phones (3G mobile phones there is no problem).

Internet - If you carry laptop, I advise you go with a network cable with RJ45 plug, as in many hotels do not have wifi, but a wall outlet. These cables are often on sale at the hotels but their price is about $ 15.

Plugs - Important to keep a couple of plug adapters, because without them our electronic devices may not operate or charge.

Tax Tips - Tips or gratuities are the basis of wages, relatively low, American employees, and are virtually mandatory. In restaurants, the waiter usually leaves between 15% and 20% of the account. Sometimes, the invoice will be included (may appear as a "gratuity"). In others, the waiter tells us that the service is not included, but when in doubt, better to ask: Is the tip included? Unless the service is bad must be paid. If not done, probably end up asking the waiter why.

The Tax is a tax paid on purchases which the percentage is different in each city. For example, in New York City is 8.375% at shops and restaurants, except clothing and footwear costing less than $ 110, or the unprepared food purchased in stores or supermarkets, which would be exempt. As a general rule, that tax is not included in the price, which usually cause surprises when you pay.

Security - It would be advisable to register at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, we leave our personal data as well as a detailed planning with cities and hotels we stayed in during our stay. The aim is to be alerted or be located in an emergency.

It would also be more targeted to carry the phones and your embassies addresses of all the cities that we are going visit.

- Be careful with the luggage at airports, for which I would recommend plasticize the bill.

- Avoid getting into streets suspected of being dangerous, especially at certain times of the night.

- It is very useful to carry a GPS, either to drive through the country, or even for use in pedestrian mode. We help you find places of interest or even restaurants.

A dictionary (pocket if possible) may be helpful, especially if our level of English is basic shooting.

In every city there are tourist cards offered deals or priority entry to some attractions and discounts at some shops, restaurants, theaters and tours. It is worthwhile information.

It is also convenient to use public transport cards, especially in New York, known as MetroCard, because it is very advantageous, allowing unlimited use of buses and trains as a function of the duration of the chosen card.

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